upcoming plans!

A few weeks ago I asked my brother in law to keep an eye out for a bike that he might be able to fix up and sell to me. Turns out he had one in his garage that he was willing to give me! Erin and Derek gave me a bike as my maid of honor gift. Best gift ever. Derek told me it was mine about 2 weeks before they got married so obviously he didn’t have time to work on it before, but he said after that he would start working on it and it would take about 2 weeks. I’ve got a little bit more time before it’s officially in my hands, but I have had almost a month to think about all the lovely places I could ride it.

Which got me thinking.

What if I went up to Michigan with my bike… by myself. A solo weekend trip. Then I got even more excited. I’ve never traveled by myself so I was a little nervous to even think about it, but the destination I had in mind was someplace I went a dozen times growing up. So while it would be new going by myself and exploring on my own, I would be very familiar with the area. This combo sounded like a good first solo trip to me.

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