fall favorites

As sad as I was to see summer leave, I am equally happy to see fall arrive! Fall clothing is my favorite, fall food is my favorite, fall activities are my favorite. (I’m pretty sure I say that at the beginning of summer too, but that’s besides the point) Here are some of my favorites for fall…

Honey Roasted Acorn Squash

Roasted acorn squash. So freaking good! I’ve made it the last 2 nights for dinner and have every intention of making it again tonight. [slice in half, add your favorites (mine: a touch of butter, salt, and cinnamon) – nuke for 8 min] Fall on a plate, my friends… fall on a plate.

I so want to rock the boots and dress look

Boots with dresses. LOVE boots with dresses! In fact, I’m wearing an outfit very similar to this one right now. Brown boots, black dress, belt, and a cardigan… no denim at work. Boo!


Bright, colorful, cheery leaves! I’m SO happy that I’ll be driving through Michigan in a couple of weeks for my solo weekend getaway because Michigan is known for their beautiful trees in the fall. If I had more time I would drive along the western side of the state all the way up. Also, who can resist stepping on crunchy leaves?? Not I!

Those are the biggies for me, but I also can’t wait to go apple picking, wear oversized sweaters, pull out my warmer pjs, and movie nights full of Meg Ryan and Audrey Hepburn.

Ooooh! And pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting!


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