fall ball!

Over the summer a few friends asked if I wanted to play on a rec softball league in the fall with them. My first thought was “YES! Where do I sign?!” Then I realized that I have never played a team sport in my entire life. I spent hours in the backyard with my dad growing up throwing the ball and batting, and I like to think that I wasn’t half bad as a kid, but this would be a whole new ball game… haa.. puns!

Last night was the first game I was able to make it to and sadly my team lost for the first time. I’m going to pretend like I wasn’t the reason we lost. Here’s to hoping.

But seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN! I was able to play 3 different positions in the field and I hit the ball both times I went up to bat! I even made it to first base on the second hit. 😉

After the (7-2 loss) game, my team, The Grassholes, went to a bar around the corner and shared a few pitchers of beer. Given that I only knew 4 people going into this, I feel like I know them all so well now. New friends!

Nobody on the team could believe that I had never played a team sport before and were oh-so proud of me when I actually did what they told me to do!


Here’s to hopefully pulling out a win next week! #grassholes


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