Devil’s Ball 2013


Friday night my girlfriends and I got all dressed up and headed downtown to the Devil’s Ball. It’s a silent auction/charity event that is held at the Roosevelt University Auditorium Theater – which is stunning! We spent the evening drinking the flowing champagne, eating the delicious food, and dancing the night away to the best DJ  I have ever heard. He played a 10 minute 90s mix that brought all of us back to middle school. The best part of the night though?? The photo booth!

But when ISN’T the photo booth the best part of the night?!

599359_10101051353730663_86500385_n 935947_10101051353890343_967033288_n 1234388_10101051354379363_1292369407_n  1377998_10101051353421283_1045835379_n 1378298_10101051353451223_197634942_n 1379381_10101051354329463_1840067834_n 1380780_10101051353835453_675312535_n 1380796_10101051353411303_1336833188_n


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