high five for friday!

Yesterday at work we were all talking about how this week in particular has gone by so stinking slow. At first we tried to blame it on the gloomy weather, but when half of the days are bright and sunny you know that’s kind of cheating. So! Like everyone else, I’m so, so happy that it’s finally Friday!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren today for High Five for Friday!

1. When my dad came to visit this past Sunday we went to a cute German restaurant in Lincoln Square. After our (huge!) meal, we decided to walk around for a bit and stumbled upon this adorable French cafe, Le Cafewhere my dad ordered a chocolate eclair and I ordered freshly baked (and piping hot) beignet’s… complete with powdered sugar. The whole afternoon was lovely and this little cafe really tied it all together. I highly recommend it!

photo (5)

2. On Tuesday I wore my favorite fall outfit, even if it did decide to be 80 degrees in Chicago. A dress and boots. Swoooon! Later that day a coworker told me my outfit looked like I should be out in a meadow with bright flowers taking professional pictures and I can totally see that… might need to  do that one of these days!

photo (4)

3. My sweet friend, Roxy, had her baby!! Mr. Dylan Christopher was born on 9.27 and I cannot wait to meet him and snuggle him and love on mama too!


4. Last night was the perfect night for softball! The temps were just amazing and the rain held out long enough for us to play… and we didn’t lose! Or win. We tied. But we didn’t lose! It’s a step in the right direction.

photo (3)

5. I’m wondering if Netflix heard me bad mouthing it the other day for not having season 8 of HIMYM, because later that night I got an email from Netflix saying it’s on there now! I’ve only gotten around to watching the first episode, but I’m preeeety sure I know what I’ll be doing all weekend now.

Happy Friday!


take a deep breath

Breathe and enjoy.

If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you that I’ve been stressed lately. The past month or so has been so busy and hectic that it has been hard to take a moment to relax. I’ve started to outgrow my job, I’m applying to grad school, studying for the GMAT, trying to plan for some pretty big things coming up… all while trying to make sure I eat, have clean clothes, and get enough sleep at night. The worry I’ve been feeling has been creeping up quickly. What if things don’t go the way I hope they will? I’m sad that I don’t have my mom to lean on and get advice from. When will the hard stop piling up?

But then I sit down, take a deep breath, and remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Between family and friends I feel very supported and encouraged in all that I do. I like that I have friends that tell me the GMAT is hard and will take a lot of studying and preparation, but that it will be worth it. They send me encouraging messages at what feel like my breaking point. I am so thankful for them.  And even though my job isn’t exactly what I’d like, I have a job. I have a job that pays my bills and allows me to plan a weekend trip to Michigan. That’s pretty cool.

There is just too much good in my life to let the worry overtake it.