Little lessons

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This weekend flew by! I was so, so sick (sinus infection) all of last week that I didn’t get anything done in advance for the wedding weekend. So, my whole “prepare” item on my 30 before 30 list… fail. 

Oh well. Being sick happens. Anyway! This weekend I learned a few things that I feel like will help me on this crazy getting out of debt thing:

  • Call to see if there is a better rate when staying at a hotel for a wedding. As soon as I got the invitation in the mail a couple months ago I immediately called and booked a room at the hotel. Turns out my friends called and booked a room at the same hotel for $20 cheaper by not booking in the block of rooms. 
  • On the same subject, share a hotel room if you can. I went to the wedding with 3 friends and we got 2 rooms. We most definitely didn’t need 2 rooms. Had we all 4 split, our costs would have gone way down.
  • Always sort out who will pay for what… in advance. If at all possible, have everything paid for in advance, or everyone pay the other person in advance. Example, if one person puts the hotel on their card, have everyone pay their share before the trip. It makes it easier to know how much can actually be spent on the trip.
  • Anticipate needing to eat out more than expected. Bring snacks, water, sandwiches, etc. We ended up getting Chipotle between the ceremony and the reception – unnecessarily costing me almost $10. (Granted they were 10 delicious dollars of tacos and guac…)
  • Do your nails at home. Sure, it’s tons of fun to go get a mani/pedi… the massage, warm/bubbly water, zillions of amazing colors to pick from, but the thing is, it’s not hard to do it at home. If you do your nails at home enough you can get really good at it. Even though your colors probably seem old to you, they aren’t to other people. Enjoy a spa night at home the night or two before the even/you leave. (My trick is to use 2 thin coats of Gelous Nail Gel, two thin coats of your color, one coat of quick dry top coat. Apply a thin coat of top coat each day to extend the paint)

I’m sure most of you already know these things, but I tell ya, I wish I had thought of them Friday instead of Sunday. I’m all for a stop to Dunkin on the weekends, but I was shocked at how much I spend on eating out. I have another wedding that I’m going to in 3 weeks (or 19 days, as the bride excitedly texted this morning! “Teeeeens!!!!”), and I can tell you I will do a much better job preparing. 


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