fall favorites

As sad as I was to see summer leave, I am equally happy to see fall arrive! Fall clothing is my favorite, fall food is my favorite, fall activities are my favorite. (I’m pretty sure I say that at the beginning of summer too, but that’s besides the point) Here are some of my favorites for fall…

Honey Roasted Acorn Squash

Roasted acorn squash. So freaking good! I’ve made it the last 2 nights for dinner and have every intention of making it again tonight. [slice in half, add your favorites (mine: a touch of butter, salt, and cinnamon) – nuke for 8 min] Fall on a plate, my friends… fall on a plate.

I so want to rock the boots and dress look

Boots with dresses. LOVE boots with dresses! In fact, I’m wearing an outfit very similar to this one right now. Brown boots, black dress, belt, and a cardigan… no denim at work. Boo!


Bright, colorful, cheery leaves! I’m SO happy that I’ll be driving through Michigan in a couple of weeks for my solo weekend getaway because Michigan is known for their beautiful trees in the fall. If I had more time I would drive along the western side of the state all the way up. Also, who can resist stepping on crunchy leaves?? Not I!

Those are the biggies for me, but I also can’t wait to go apple picking, wear oversized sweaters, pull out my warmer pjs, and movie nights full of Meg Ryan and Audrey Hepburn.

Ooooh! And pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting!


upcoming plans!

A few weeks ago I asked my brother in law to keep an eye out for a bike that he might be able to fix up and sell to me. Turns out he had one in his garage that he was willing to give me! Erin and Derek gave me a bike as my maid of honor gift. Best gift ever. Derek told me it was mine about 2 weeks before they got married so obviously he didn’t have time to work on it before, but he said after that he would start working on it and it would take about 2 weeks. I’ve got a little bit more time before it’s officially in my hands, but I have had almost a month to think about all the lovely places I could ride it.

Which got me thinking.

What if I went up to Michigan with my bike… by myself. A solo weekend trip. Then I got even more excited. I’ve never traveled by myself so I was a little nervous to even think about it, but the destination I had in mind was someplace I went a dozen times growing up. So while it would be new going by myself and exploring on my own, I would be very familiar with the area. This combo sounded like a good first solo trip to me.

Travel Quotes

Don’t get stuck.

A friend posted the quote below on Facebook and I immediately fell in love. I hope you enjoy as well…


Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a class, take a risk. There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder either. Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal. Now is your time. Walk closely with people you love. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep travelling honestly along life’s path.

What To Know At 25(ish), Shauna Niequist

girls night

There is something awesome to be said for a really great girls night out. Last night I went out with a few girls from another department I worked in and we just had the best time. We went to Plymouth and they had $5 pomegranate martinis… sooo, that’s basically where I found my happy place.

girls night

I also am just ridiculously proud to say that I have now done (sang?) karaoke! I rocked the tiny basement bar with none other than my go-to happy song… Cups. I mean, is there anything better? Between my awful singing (I’m blaming it on the martinis) and awkward dance moves (again, the martinis) all eyes were on me. Thankfully my friend stepped in and didn’t make it go it alone the whole time. Also, thankfully the basement bar played the version where Anna herself was singing it too. So really it was more of a duet.


the last couple of weekends have been super busy, so i was really excited to have nothing major on my calendar.

friday i basically went into beast/purge/clean mode. i did all my laundry (which was, sadly, no small feat) and given my whole dresser situation (or rather, no dresser sitch) i turned a book shelf into my new clothing storage. my apartment is lacking in closet space so i’ll have to be more creative with my storage.

saturday beast/purge/cleaning mode was still in full effect. since i had washed all my clothing i decided to do one of those yearly necessities: trying on everything that i was unsure of. which meant i tried on every pair of jeans, every top, every everything that i was even slightly on the fence about. i went through all of my unmentionables and really cut back. one person does not need as many pairs of panties as i had. tmi?

in the afternoon the boys came over while erin ran to the store and we had a great time, as usual. paul played wii (and totally schooled me in the shooting game) and izaak ate a lot of rice and played with this little bug/car thing that i have no idea how it ever ended up at my apartment. it’s always the first thing he runs to when he’s here though, so it’s staying for as long as he feels love towards it!

today was amazing. i slept in (until 8!), made coffee, watched the office and did a couple crossword puzzles. beast mode wore me out so i didn’t want to do much. my dad came in for lunch so we went to portillos. he loved it! i really feel accomplished when i pick someplace for a non-chicagoan to go to and they like it. score one for me!

i was telling my dad that one of my favorite things to do on a saturday morning is to make coffee and sit at the desk that’s in my bay window and watch people try to not stare up at me. seriously, it’s so funny. the people walking by know i’m looking at them and they want so badly to look back at me so they kind of fidget more. my dads response to this? “don’t worry, life will get better” ha! oh dad…

I think I get it…

I’ll admit that I jumped on the blogging bandwagon (with an old and only somewhat embarrassing other blog) after it was cool to have a million followers/ads/comments/etc. For someone who just wanted to document my day-to-day and possibly make a couple friends I was a little overwhelmed.

And then something happened. I met Megan from Greetings from Texas (LOVE her!!) and while I can’t quite explain how this experience shifted me I can say that I got it. All of these “big bloggers” I follow started out blogging for themselves, their families, and just to remember their life. What. An. Eye. Opener. I mean, duh. Right?

My last post was about enjoying summer, which I can honestly say that I have. So, yay! Now I’m really excited to get back to blogging. Not on a regular schedule, not because it’s M-F, but just when I have something to say.

Such a happy Bostie!


And that makes me happy 🙂