take a deep breath

Breathe and enjoy.

If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you that I’ve been stressed lately. The past month or so has been so busy and hectic that it has been hard to take a moment to relax. I’ve started to outgrow my job, I’m applying to grad school, studying for the GMAT, trying to plan for some pretty big things coming up… all while trying to make sure I eat, have clean clothes, and get enough sleep at night. The worry I’ve been feeling has been creeping up quickly. What if things don’t go the way I hope they will? I’m sad that I don’t have my mom to lean on and get advice from. When will the hard stop piling up?

But then I sit down, take a deep breath, and remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Between family and friends I feel very supported and encouraged in all that I do. I like that I have friends that tell me the GMAT is hard and will take a lot of studying and preparation, but that it will be worth it. They send me encouraging messages at what feel like my breaking point. I am so thankful for them.  And even though my job isn’t exactly what I’d like, I have a job. I have a job that pays my bills and allows me to plan a weekend trip to Michigan. That’s pretty cool.

There is just too much good in my life to let the worry overtake it.


Devil’s Ball 2013


Friday night my girlfriends and I got all dressed up and headed downtown to the Devil’s Ball. It’s a silent auction/charity event that is held at the Roosevelt University Auditorium Theater – which is stunning! We spent the evening drinking the flowing champagne, eating the delicious food, and dancing the night away to the best DJ  I have ever heard. He played a 10 minute 90s mix that brought all of us back to middle school. The best part of the night though?? The photo booth!

But when ISN’T the photo booth the best part of the night?!

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fall ball!

Over the summer a few friends asked if I wanted to play on a rec softball league in the fall with them. My first thought was “YES! Where do I sign?!” Then I realized that I have never played a team sport in my entire life. I spent hours in the backyard with my dad growing up throwing the ball and batting, and I like to think that I wasn’t half bad as a kid, but this would be a whole new ball game… haa.. puns!

Last night was the first game I was able to make it to and sadly my team lost for the first time. I’m going to pretend like I wasn’t the reason we lost. Here’s to hoping.

But seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN! I was able to play 3 different positions in the field and I hit the ball both times I went up to bat! I even made it to first base on the second hit. 😉

After the (7-2 loss) game, my team, The Grassholes, went to a bar around the corner and shared a few pitchers of beer. Given that I only knew 4 people going into this, I feel like I know them all so well now. New friends!

Nobody on the team could believe that I had never played a team sport before and were oh-so proud of me when I actually did what they told me to do!


Here’s to hopefully pulling out a win next week! #grassholes

girls night

There is something awesome to be said for a really great girls night out. Last night I went out with a few girls from another department I worked in and we just had the best time. We went to Plymouth and they had $5 pomegranate martinis… sooo, that’s basically where I found my happy place.

girls night

I also am just ridiculously proud to say that I have now done (sang?) karaoke! I rocked the tiny basement bar with none other than my go-to happy song… Cups. I mean, is there anything better? Between my awful singing (I’m blaming it on the martinis) and awkward dance moves (again, the martinis) all eyes were on me. Thankfully my friend stepped in and didn’t make it go it alone the whole time. Also, thankfully the basement bar played the version where Anna herself was singing it too. So really it was more of a duet.

sarah and craig are MARRIED!

This past weekend I got to celebrate my friends wedding in Ohio! Sarah C (not to be confused with Sarah J [me]) looked absolutely stunning and the two of them together looked happier than I’ve ever seen them. Sarah and I met in college before I transferred to DePaul and she has changed my life. She is so caring, loving, goofy, and beautiful – inside and out. Craig looked so calm, happy, ready, and super handsome.

Thank you for letting me share your day with you both! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

(and I can’t wait to see those adorable babies you’re going to make!)

Much love to the happy couple!