Today I am 26

Today I am 26. Tomorrow I will be 27, but today… right now… I am 26.

I don’t quite know why, but this feels like a big jump for me. This past year has been one of the hardest yet one of the best. I have learned, grown, fallen, and laughed my way through it.

I can feel myself becoming the person I am. Or rather, accepting the person that I am and that feels so damn good.


current reads

After a short summer break from reading I’ve been more than happy to get back to fall, winter, spring reading. Summer is hit or miss for getting in a lot of books – this summer was a major miss. I can’t exactly say I’ve had the most riveting list of books read since the summer break, but it’s getting me back in the habit.

One book that really surprised me was Divergent. I got through the almost 500 page book in 3 days. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t say I’ve ever really leaned towards a favorite genre, but right now I’m really into the young adult dystopian novels. The Hunger Games kicked things off a couple years ago and I’m anxiously awaiting Insurgent (the second book in the Divergent series). The third (and final) book in the series Allegiant comes out in October. It’s rare that I’m caught up before the next book comes out so I’m pretty excited! 


I’m currently reading The Maze and am about 1/3 of the way finished. This isn’t holding my attention quite the same as others, but it’s still good. I feel that The Maze really is intended for the younger of the Young Adult. Given that it’s not really catching my attention, I’m not convinced that I’ll finish the series. But I also said that about 50 Shades of Grey #sorryimnotsorry

My list of books to read is really long, so I’m looking forward to knocking out a fair number of them over the next 9 months (winter in Chicago lasts until May/June some years). This might be the winter I read all of Jane Austen’s novels… I think it’s time. 🙂

girls night

There is something awesome to be said for a really great girls night out. Last night I went out with a few girls from another department I worked in and we just had the best time. We went to Plymouth and they had $5 pomegranate martinis… sooo, that’s basically where I found my happy place.

girls night

I also am just ridiculously proud to say that I have now done (sang?) karaoke! I rocked the tiny basement bar with none other than my go-to happy song… Cups. I mean, is there anything better? Between my awful singing (I’m blaming it on the martinis) and awkward dance moves (again, the martinis) all eyes were on me. Thankfully my friend stepped in and didn’t make it go it alone the whole time. Also, thankfully the basement bar played the version where Anna herself was singing it too. So really it was more of a duet.

sarah and craig are MARRIED!

This past weekend I got to celebrate my friends wedding in Ohio! Sarah C (not to be confused with Sarah J [me]) looked absolutely stunning and the two of them together looked happier than I’ve ever seen them. Sarah and I met in college before I transferred to DePaul and she has changed my life. She is so caring, loving, goofy, and beautiful – inside and out. Craig looked so calm, happy, ready, and super handsome.

Thank you for letting me share your day with you both! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

(and I can’t wait to see those adorable babies you’re going to make!)

Much love to the happy couple!